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I'm Rita, An Expert in Decluttering

A fresh, clean look and organized home is a good inspiration to starting your day. It is so nice when there is a place for everything. Have you been trying getting more organized, but don't know where to begin?

I've been a passionate person for creating inspirational sights in homes and offices. In the NYC market over 10 years helping families, I am able to help you from one closet to your entire home, with an expert touch for kids' room in a way that will make more functional to keep and access your possessions. I am a detailed person, calm, with a strong ability to visualize and understand the best arrangement for all of your belongings,  with care and respect. My purpose is to bring peace and functionality to your home or office.


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Home Organizing

Closet Organizing

Home Staging

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I have known Rita for over 10 years and I can attested that she is a good professional special when you need to organizing kids  stuff.

Daniela Goldin

She is very orgazined and creative her insights are very inspirational and usefullul as well her way to organizing thinks home.

Thank you

Andrea Bonifacio

She is a detail-oriented professional and has a good vision in what can be done to improve the way to store 

and access things.


Arezza Menezes

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